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School Supply List

Alderwood Middle School Supply List 




Alderwood Middle School Supply List

Please purchase the supplies needed only for the classes your student is enrolled in.

For all subjects: Large binders are not needed.

  • Wired earbuds/headphones
  • Pencils/Pens for everyday work
  • Pencil pouch/case to keep things organized

  • Backpack 

  • Colored Pencils

Optional: extra Chromebook Charger (USB C) - Chromebook is provided.



  • Lined Paper

  • 2 Pocket Folder


  • Composition Book: 100 pages, college rule

  • Colored Pencils

Social Studies


  • Sturdy 2 pocket folderLined paper

  • Glue stick  

  • Colored pencils (12 pack)

  • Highlighter  

  • Composition book


  • 1-2 Composition notebooks 

  • Graph paper

  • Ruler and protractor (with inches and centimeters)

  • At least 2 pencils every day

  • Glue or glue sticks

  • Highlighters (at least 3 colors)

  • Colored pencils

  • Calculator (TI-30XIIS preferred)


Learning Support/Resource

  • AMS PE t-shirt & sweatpants*or a white/ light gray t-shirt, shorts or sweats with no zipper. 

  • Athletic shoes with laces are required.

*PE uniforms may be purchased through the ASB ($10 per t- shirt & $15 sweatpants)

  • 2 pocket folders for each class

  • Composition Book:

  • 100 pages, college rule


Technology Electives

  • 2-pocket folder

  • 2 pocket Folder

  • Pencils (no pens)

Example: English, Science, Math, Social Studies, PE, Tech. The student would need PE clothes and shoes, pencils, 3 2-pocket folders, lined paper, 2-3 composition books, graph paper, highlighters, colored pencils, glue sticks, a calculator, wired earbuds, and a backpack to put it all in.