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School Supply List


Alderwood Middle School Supply List 

● 1 pair of headphones for use with your Chromebook. (Earbuds are NOT allowed)

● 3-ring binder - at least 2 inches wide

● At least 1 spiral notebook

● At least 2 composition notebooks

● Graph paper composition notebook for mathematics

● Lined notebook paper for placing in your binder (college-ruled preferred)

● Pencil pouch that is attached to the binder or three-hole punched

● Ballpoint pens

● Pencils

● Subject dividers for your binder - You will need 6-8 dividers: 6 for Subjects, 1 for Resources, 1 for Homework Section

● A pack of colored pencils (12 or more pencils)

● 12” ruler with inches and centimeters

● Two pocket 3-holed folder (for items that may not be 3-hole punched, optional if your binder has inside pockets)

● 2 large glue sticks

● At least one highlighter

● Calculator (scientific calculator preferred; Algebra and Geometry students may need a graphing calculator, see teacher for more details)

● For PE class: white or light gray crew neck short-sleeved T-shirts, dark colored shorts or sweats with no zipper, athletic shoes with laces 

  • A refillable, leak proof water bottle

● A backpack to carry your supplies