Tip #1: Search for EXACT words and phrases

  • Put quotes around your search terms and this will give you sites where those words appear in that exact order
    • Example: “We the people”

Tip #2: Limit search results

  • Use site:gov or site:edu after your search terms and it will look for that extension in the address
    • Example: medieval games site:edu

Tip #3:Narrow search results by limiting irrelevant sites

  • After your search terms put a space and then a minus sign along with the word you want excluded from your search
    • Example: virus - computer
    • Example: medieval castles - Wikipedia

Tip #4: Try using OR to limit your search results and makethem more precise

  • Example: Grammy Award Album of the Year 2009 OR 2010

Tip #5: Find what you want in the article or website faster byusing Control F

  • Press Control F on your keyboard once you are in the website or article. In the search box, type in the word you are looking for in the article. It will search the page for that word.
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