AMS Instrumental Music Events 15-16

*Curriculum Night 9/24/15 AMS (Symphonic Band only.)

*Jazz Symposium 10/24/15 Saturday morning. (Jazz Band only.)

*AMS Winter Concert Tuesday December 8, 2015 7:30 pm (All Bands and Orchestras)

*AMS Winter Assembly Wednesday December 9, 2015 am (All Bands and Orchestras.)

*Pep Band Invitational LHS Wednesday 2/3/16 (Optional performance. Bands only.)

*Middle School Honor Festival Tuesday 2/4/16 (Selected 8th graders only.)

*Elementary School Tour (School day in January) TBA (Symphonic/Jazz groups only.)

*Band Quad Concert LHS Tuesday 2/23/16 (morning rehearsal during school/7pm concert)

*Orchestra Quad Concert LHS Wednesday 2/24/16 (morning rehearsal during school/7pm concert)

*Band Festival Wednesday during school 3/16/16 (Symphonic Band only.)

*Orchestra Festival Thursday during school 3/17/16 (Symphonic Orchestra only.)

*Solo & Ensemble festival Saturday 5/7/16 Explorer Middle School (Optional for selected students.)

*NJHS night of the Stars TBA (Chamber Orchestra only.)

*AMS Spring Concert Wednesday 6/1/16 7:30 pm (All groups.)

*AMS Spring Assembly Thursday 6/2/16 am (All groups except Jazz Band.)

*Awards Assembly 6/22/16 last day of school. (Jazz Band only.)

*Possible evening performance at Barnes and Nobles (Symphonic Orchestra/Jazz Band.)

*Possible Jazz Festival for Jazz Band (school day trip)

*Possible field trip for advanced groups to Seattle Symphony (school day trip).

Music Department Information

Dear Parents and AMS Music Students,

Welcome to my website. I’m really looking forward to the 15-16 year. I hope this website proves to be helpful. I always welcome feedback. If something needs to be posted that isn’t feel free to let me know. Thanks for taking time on this matter, and again please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns that are not being addressed to your satisfaction.


Ron Madden, AMS Music 425-431-4041 maddenr@edmonds.wednet.edu

PS: Why do we have lab fees?

The lab fees help pay expenses not adequately covered by the district that are related to the success and quality of every student’s instrumental music experience:

*Music and other instructional materials

*Professional musicians to work with students

*Repair and replacement of large and expensive instruments (tubas, bass clarinets, French horns, percussion equipment, string basses, cellos, bows, etc)

*Stereo equipment maintenance

*Field trips

Budget cuts have made the lab fee more important than ever.

AMS Instrumental Music Grading Policy/Class Expectations

When you look on Skyward you will see the following “assignments” listed. Each of these assignments lasts for the entire quarter. Whatever is earned by the end of the quarter goes on the report card. 

Task Progress: 33%

Task progress is on-going for the entire quarter. This means that when the quarter is halfway done a student with 50% in task progress is right where he/she should be. When the quarter is three fourths done, the student should have completed at least 75% under task progress. A lower number means more work is needed; a higher number means the student is actually making above standard progress.

(EALR #1: Music vocabulary, skills and techniques.)

Students each will be given a task list. The tasks are designed to gradually improve instrumental skill and overall musicianship. Students will generally need to complete about 3 tasks every two weeks to stay on track. Of course, students may proceed at a faster pace when appropriate. Tasks can be completed in class or after school by demonstrating mastery to Mr. Madden.

Every quarter "Task Progress" is reset at zero and as students complete tasks, 5 points are added for each one completed. As they complete more their grade goes up. accordingly. Please click on "task progress" to get details about percentages and grades.

Class Participation: 17%

(EALR #1.1/1.2: Demonstration of audience responsibilities and rehearsal techniques.)

This includes respectful behavior before, during and after rehearsals. It means: being in attendance and being on time (seated, warming up before the rehearsal begins); coming prepared (home practice) to the rehearsal with all needed equipment; following directions (a workplace skill); finding out what was missed when absent; and staying on task.

Home Practice: 16%

Students should do 4 twenty-minute sessions per week (4 ten minute sessions minimum).

Instruments should go home every weekend and one day during the week. Students must have an up-to-date practice report in class every day for full credit. Home practice is not left out because of ‘too much homework’. It is part of homework.

Concert Participation: 34%

(EALR 2.2: Demonstration of performance processes.)

For a passing grade students must fully participate in all required performances. In doing so they must demonstrate appropriate behavior and be in correct concert attire. Credit for concert participation is given only to students who participate in all required performances.

If a student misses a concert because of serious illness, a death in the family, or a real emergency, the student must approach Mr. Madden to arrange to complete make-up tasks. (An emergency is an occurrence beyond the control of the student and the parents. This does not include vacations, social events, non-emergency doctor appointments, etc.) In rare cases when a student must miss a concert, and knows this in advance, arrangements may be made for make-up tasks to be completed. It is the responsibility of the student to give four weeks notice and to make arrangements with Mr. Madden for make-up work. This work will be due the day of the concert.


Each student will have a binder, pen, pencil and a planner (AMS policy). That binder must be brought to each and every class every day, and it must go home every day. Please inspect your son’s/daughter’s binder regularly to make sure it is in order. In the music section of the binder, the following items need to be kept:

*up-to-date and signed practice report *up-to-date task list *music assignments

All concert dates should be written in each student’s planner and please add them to your own calendar.

Instrument Accessories

All students need to have a working instrument with a name tag on the case. (Mr. Madden can provide name tag.) All students need to have a soft cloth kept in the case and a sharp pencil kept in the case. In addition, students need the following items for their particular instrument:

 Flute: cleaning rod, pad saver papers.

 Clarinet/Sax: swab, 2 working reeds, cork grease, neck strap.

Oboe: 2 working reeds, feather swab.

Trumpet/Horn: valve oil, tuning slide grease, mouthpiece brush, snake, straight mute.

(Cup and Harmon mutes are needed for Jazz Band members.)

Trombone: slide cream, tuning slide grease, mouthpiece brush, snake, and straight mute.

(Cup and Harmon mutes are needed for Jazz Band members.)

 Percussion: sticks (#2B)

Violin/Viola: shoulder rest, polish/cleaner, extra strings, rosin.

Cello/Bass: rock stop (doughnut), extra strings, polish/cleaner, rosin.

Required Texts

Orchestra: Essential Elements 2000, Book 2; Essential Technique for Strings.

(Mr. Madden has this book at cost.)

Band: Accent on Achievement Book 2

Jazz Band (second semester): Accent on Achievement Book 3

Concert Attire

Concert Band and Concert Orchestra:

White dress shirt, black pants, black shoes and black socks. Girls may wear a black skirt with black dress shoes.

Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Jazz Band:

Black dress shirt with collar for necktie. (Necktie provided.) Black pants, black shoes and black socks. Girls may wear a black skirt with black dress shoes. Girls may also substitute these items with a formal black dress and black dress shoes. (Please no stripes.)

Jazz Band members are currently wearing red suspenders with the red ties.

Black jeans are fine if they are completely black. Black slip-on shoes or sneakers are fine if the rubber is black and the shoe laces are black. T-shirts are not appropriate. Please avoid tight fitting attire and girls please avoid skirts that are excessively short.

Part of a student’s concert grade will be based on appearance.

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